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Advertisements and the male image

Senin, 18 Januari 2010 by noesaja

Advertisements and the male image

Masculine Obsession in Men

by noesaja

If we look these days more and more men fitness training or lifting weights at health clubs. After work or Sunday morning, not seldom to be found men who seemed to burly 'flaunt' their muscle, especially on certain days, which held a mass aerobics activities in places - the gym.

This seems to indicate that men's attention more to her appearance. Indeed, according to some mental health experts, concerned with appearance was no longer the monopoly of women. This is evident from the increasing number of men who are obsessed with her body as well as women. Some psychologists say he wants to have a flat stomach plus boxes of thick hair and brown skin like sun-up to create new problems in men who used more often associated with women: eating disorders and obsession on the body.

A study in the United States, men including 10 percent from approximately 7 to 10 million people who suffer from eating disorders. There is also a manifest concern for appearance in the form of body-dismorfik disorders excessive obsession with certain body parts are considered imperfect. In men, this disorder is usually transformed into bigoreksia-obsession to be muscular and frightened her smaller than normal. Approximately 1 to 2 percent of American men suffer from that disorder and 25 percent are bigoreksia patients. Men with bigoreksia vulnerable to depression, using anabolic steroids and missed social events to go lifting weights at the gym.

Actually, what makes these men so obsessed with their bodies? According to the doctor many factors that play a role, ranging from chemicals in the brain until the influence of mass media. Bigoreksia including the type of obsessive compulsive disorder that drives a person to repeat a task or behavior. Bigoreksia men with their bodies often look in the mirror, following a strict diet and exercise until exhaustion. But the media seems to play a role no less. As we can see the commercials for male products in newspapers, magazines and television, the advertisers often fill us with the perfect guy image with flat stomach, broad shoulders, slim waist and white teeth.

Now, the advertising also uses his body as a commodity, as they have done to women. Boys today are bombarded with images as if they could not see if they lived 20 years ago. In the past, the man considered the most powerful of more natural and more like him most. However, recent decades are considered the body of a man who tends a very muscular ideal. Another factor that helped lead the men's obsession is its emphasis on the importance of looking young. The question now, what about you? Did you include that exercise training for health reasons, or just look? Whatever it is, I pray you achieve both. Who also did not want to have an athletic body and a healthy heart?

Hobbies can be money

Minggu, 17 Januari 2010 by noesaja

Would not be nice if you can work and play a little more? Does not sound very nice if you could spend more time doing things you enjoy rather than doing employment office?

Think about the hobbies you have. If you are really a hobby, then you should know two things. If you have been doing for years, then you have the experience and knowledge of the possibility of millions of people will be happy to hear it. You can take that knowledge and turn it into money.
First of all, you have to understand to what people use the internet. No, they did not come to buy something, they come to seek information. Now, many people looking for information on the Internet. If you own a business, you can promote it on the internet.

The possibility of the most important concept is pre-sold which means that visitors need to be convinced. Visitors must believe in you. They do not have to feel pressured to buy something. They must know that you are a trusted source. This can be done by introducing your product and offer as much useful information about the product. For example, if you use affiliate sales, you should always use or buy any goods you sell. You have to feel and experience the benefits. With do the promotion process will be much easier and visitors will be much more confident.
Successful websites attract visitors, usually told about the offer information to people who thirst for information, but does not stop there.

A good site would be more convincing one if you can pack as well. To increase profits, we can also use the business web directory on the Internet. Many options we can use. Yahoo! Directory is one of the most common. Web directory is widely used by online business owners. You can also visit other directory sites such as business sites. Benefits website directory has more than a search engine is their efficiency. They do not rely on deep linking, otherwise they will connect your home page of the website you want.

Oh ya, if you already have a business site and want your site indexed quickly in the directory, there are some things that need to be considered the easiest possible way keyword optimization. This is an SEO technique that can help you choose the right keywords and then use it to improve the ranking of websites or blogs on search engines

To get high rankings on search engines, anchor text is also very important. For example your blog address and who compose the anchor text of "master blog" and you've spread the link to various blogs, forums, and so forth. If you have this, your blog will generally get ranked well in the search for the word "master blog". In other words, each user who encari word "master blog" in the search engines, your blog will appear on the first page.
Well, if you really want to see your business growing quickly, you may be able to start from now. In addition to these tips above, persistence is the most important

Photography Basics

Senin, 11 Januari 2010 by noesaja

In everyday life we are not apart from photography. Almost any time and anywhere we see the photos. Images can we see in magazines, newspapers, advertising on the roadside, banners, wall hangings, calendars, and so forth.

Basically photography means painting with light technique / beam. Learning the basic theory of photography can be done overnight. But it does not just stop there. In studying photography skills needed continuity for / ability to keep honed. For a short time we are required to determine the lighting, the angle of the image, image composition and so on.

Before taking a picture of an object, there are many things to be on notice. The main we must be able to quickly recognize the characteristics of the object. Is it still or moving object. The technique used for these two different objects.

To photograph a moving object requires a higher skill compared to the object photographed silent. For example: for fast moving objects such as motor racing or car. The right position to photograph the corner because drivers will reduce the rate of speed when turning. The speed of the object to be photographed too slow. While views of aesthetics, the branch's position more interesting action.
Meanwhile, when photographing an object, required more ability to set the lighting and composition. Another goal is certainly not to photograph the better produced, good and meaningful.

Advertising on Blog

Sabtu, 26 Desember 2009 by noesaja

Many sites on the Internet that provide extra income alternatives. way by providing the spot on his blog as a place to deliver commercial messages from advertise on blogs.

Review us

Blogger provides a space as a medium for ads placed on each. blog advertising is one of the store site. Here's how it works,; Advertiser require publication. You as a Blogger need to post material (also a bit of money).

Income that may be produced is highly dependent with PAGERANK from your primary domain. Interested? Here are the steps that can be done:

1. Domain have a pagerank of 2 or more. How? :
o Purchase pagerank domain that already. Prices range from $ 20 upwards depending on the large Pagerank, the number of backlinks, domain age and so on. With the review of 2-3 times your capital will return.
o Purchase a new domain and "pet" used to have a pagerank. New domain prices range up to $ 10, you can have a domain (subdomain) if the new free to register a free blog service providers etc.

2. Create a blog on the domain to your pagerank. Fill with 10 to 20 posts, set the time to look blog posting you have been older than 3 months. Confused would post hell? Dirty and edit the e-book could also grab and edit or articles from article directories.

3. Wait until about 15-20 your posts indexed by Google and other search engines. Meanwhile build backlinks for the domain to your new pagerank. Useful addition to your still maintaining high pagerank, backlinks to your blog also help more quickly indexed by search engines ie google. There are many ways to build backlinks These include exchange with blogger another link-exhange term-term links, leave comments on dofollow blogs, links without nofollow attribute or links counted as backlinks-See here for how to build a complete backlink.

4. Register to broker paid review. For example: paid to blog

5. Once in the new add-approve the bid to the advertiser if you are registered on the sponsoredreviews, or take a job review in GBT (Grab Bag Task) if you are registered on the Blogsvertise.

6. Began working, review it. Still profitable when using their services because usually once reviewed we will pay approximately $ 5 - $ 10 more.

Searching Mp3 and Download

Senin, 07 September 2009 by noesaja

Searching MP3 files using search engine is no longer a hard thing to do especially when people have found various ways to search for the MP3 files. Why we choose the audio format is also another long topic to speak about, but the main reason is the mass availability of that type of file in the internet nowadays. Now, here are the simple guide on how to search for those music that you like, both in WMA and MP3 format:

You can try this :

1. Using altered Google, Yahoo, and MSN Search search string to find the files. This method will use the search engines to search for unprotected directory of the audio files.
How to: Click on the link below. Change the detail according to your liking (replace Band Singer with the actual artist name or just the song name). You can change the “wma/mp3″ tag to other format such as “ogg” only if you wish. For the search engines, it works similarly. You just need to change the band/singer or song again.
“parent directory” mp3 OR wma OR ogg OR wav Band/Singer -html -htm -download -links
Yahoo Search:
parent directory” AND (Band AND Singer) AND (mp3 OR wma OR ogg) AND NOT(”download”) AND NOT(”links”)
MSN Search:parent directory” AND (Band AND Singer) AND (mp3 OR wma OR ogg) AND NOT(”download”) AND NOT(”links”)

2. You can use multimedia search engines to find the audio files that you need. Several multimedia search engines that I highly recommend .

healt Insurance for yourself, your spouse, and your dependents

by noesaja

The following list includes some of the issues I get asked about regarding how best to cover family members — and my recommendations:

* Double-covering a spouse. The question of whether to cover a spouse under your health insurance plan as well as under your spouse’s comes up most often when each spouse has coverage paid entirely by their own employer and one of the two employers also pays all or most of the spouse’s and dependents’ coverage.
Covering children when both spouses have a group health insurance plan. Where to cover the children — under your plan or your spouse’s? In this situation, you weigh out-of-pocket costs in premiums, copayments, and deductibles against the coverage of each plan. These out-of-pocket costs can be dramatically different. But again, choose the plan that covers the five criteria best. Price should be the least important part of the decision. (Use the Health Insurance Comparison Form in the Forms Directory to compare your choices.)
Avoiding the single parent penalty. The most equitable group plans charge a price per head. So if you’re a single parent, you don’t pay for a nonexistent spouse. Or if you’re childless, you don’t pay for nonexistent children. But it doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes group insurance offers only two choices — individual and family. Family includes husband, wife, and all children for one price. But family also includes single parent families and childless families. If your family is small, you pay the same amount as a person with a very large family.
To cover a person under your health insurance plan, that person must be considered a dependent. The definition of dependent is based on your plan’s legal requirements concerning financial support. (In an employer-sponsored plan, the employer may also have input into the definition of dependent.) Some plans consider a child a dependent only if the child meets all of the following very specific criteria:
- The child is your responsibility by birth or legal adoption, or the child is a stepchild or a foster child.
- The policyholder provides more than 50 percent of financial support and maintenance for this child.
- The policyholder can claim the child as an exemption on his or her federal income tax return.
A child is considered a dependent if a legal court order mandates that the policyholder must provide coverage for the child. Other individuals may be considered dependents if they satisfy IRS requirements.
health insurance plans’ regulations regarding coverage for children and/or other dependents may vary greatly, so check out the plans carefully. To make administration simple and consistent, some companies use some variation of the birthday rule, in which the primary coverage for eligible children is through the plan of the parent whose birthday falls in the earlier month of the year. For example, a parent born in May 1954 would assume coverage for the children, even though the spouse born in September 1950 is older.